“I very much appreciate all the time and effort that the members of the social committee are putting in. I think the role of the committee is an important one. The committee provides an important link between all the members and Bare Oaks' management. You help organize and coordinate events to prevent conflict. You maintain the schedule and help foster a strong feeling of community at the park. The counsel that comes from your experience and knowledge helps new organizers create new and successful events.

However, there have been some misunderstanding within membership about the role of the committee. As such, I would like to clarify two areas:

1) Enforcement:
It is not the role of the social committee to police Bare Oaks. In fact, I even ask my staff to avoid acting as the enforcers of rules and regulations unless it is absolutely necessary. I prefer to handle violations myself if there's no immediate need. I can't imagine why the social committee would ever have to enforce any rules on the spot. I think most issues could be deferred to me. That's better for everyone. It doesn't put the committee members in an awkward position and it allows me to handle these issues my way.

2) Jurisdiction:
Despite what some members believe, I don't think it is our intent to force everybody to submit to the will of the social committee. Some people believe that the social committee rules over all events at the park. I don't think that power and control is the intent of the committee. It's certainly not what I read in the terms of reference. But there should be some clearer understanding of what should go through the social committee. So, to clarify, nobody is forced to run an event through the social committee. If someone wants to organize a card game in the clubhouse, they don't have to ask anybody's permission. But if they do not go through the social committee (1) their event will not be included in the calendar (2) in case of a space/resource conflict, the event approved by the social committee will take precedence and (3) they will not benefit from the experience and knowledge of the social committee members. This last item is an important one. People who have not organized events before will not know what needs to be done, where resources are found, and who to talk to.”

- Stephane Deschenes

Nudity quickly becomes unremarkable when generally practiced.

MARTHA NUSSBAUM, Hiding from Humanity

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