Wednesday August 22nd

4-6 pm
Hosted by 
Site #237

Please bring chairs, beverage and a snack to share, if you wish!

Everyone Welcome!


Tai Chi

When: A one hour class every , Sundays July 8 through September 30 (for consistency but this would mean changing the facepainting date we said we would do on the Sunday to the Saturday. So all three facepainting dates would be if that seemed okay with you.)

Where: out near the volleyball court or if raining; downstairs lounge? 

Park rates: $10 per class or $100 for season pass (13 classes available) This is below the rate I charge outside the park so I feel it should work.

 Appreciation Potluck

Saturday September 1, 6 pm Becket Circle Fire Pit
Roast Beef supplied by Bare Oaks Social Committee. Bring a side dish to share
Eco-Friendly prize for those that bring their own table service.
Illumination Night
Saturday September 1 9:30 pm
Members lite up their site for this wonderful event. 
Bare Oaks Social Committee Annual General Meeting
Sunday September 2 10 am at the Outback
Elections of new members, review of events, Financial Statement


It bothers me that in this society, it's OK seeing a guy blow another's head off, but a child seeing Janet Jackson's boob at the Super Bowl is the worst thing that could happen. It's not the end of the world! It's just a breast!

CHARLIZE THERON, Glamour Magazine, July 2008

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